Where did it all begin?

Hi! I’m Nicola, the face behind Abstract Events.

After getting engaged in 2020, I found when searching for inspiration for my wedding, everything online was either repetitive or felt out of reach. I decided to take matters into my own hands (as you do, haha) and complete a design and styling course. I used my creative skills to put together ideas that I wanted to bring to life. Nothing felt more pleasing than seeing the concepts I had imagined and worked on, materialise. I completely fell in love with the whole process!

I knew I wanted to venture into the world of event styling and inspire couples who were also tired of scrolling through social media, seeing the same ‘traditional’ wedding inspiration. There was no looking back. I’m determined to bridge the gap and provide a service to modern couples, brands and individuals who want more!

A lover of colour, textures, interiors, music and travelling. I’m always finding the beauty in things around me and have a passion for all things creative. I’m endlessly experimenting with colour palettes, exploring new places, learning new skills and getting stuck in to make sure I can always create events that not only stand out, but are completely bespoke to my clients.

I’m renowned for being the party starter, the last on the dance floor and the friend making sure everyone around me are living their best life whilst still crazily obsessed with the aesthetics! The look and vibe of an event is where it all starts, not only does it help set the tone, it evokes emotions. I believe the emotional connection to an event is a memory that lasts a lifetime and the photos are the proof. So, there is nothing more exciting, for me, than being able to set the scene for those moments using a modern, collaborative and fun approach.

When you pay attention to detail, the big picture takes care of itself!

With love,

Nicola x

Some fun facts

about me

Some Fun facts about me

  • I’m obsessed with Old School R&B music! I love a good slow jam…
  • I will choose pasta over every food option, my fiancé and I have an ongoing joke as he knows if given the option of what I want to eat my response will always be “pasta”. He now starts the question with “apart from pasta?”
  • I’m a complete sucker for romantic films. Cheesy I know!
  • Favourite quote:
    “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” Albert Einstein
  • I’m one of eight siblings, growing up in such a big family, I’m used to noise, chaos and waiting, so I’m not short of patience haha. No event was a small event growing up in my big fat Greek family.
  • I love the beach and cannot resist a sunset, on holiday you won’t see me sunbathing as I’ll spend all my time in the sea. Thailand is one of my favourite holiday destinations.

Collaboration and connection

To create magic and make sure I put together a brief that you want to shout about, I will get to know you and what tickles your fancy, including things that you want to completely avoid. 


No two events are the same, I’ll make sure your event is bespoke to you. The aesthetics are at the forefront of everything I do and my priority is to put together events that set the scene, focusing on all the finer details.


Inspiration can be found everywhere, whether it’s your favourite dress, architecture or a piece of artwork in your home; we can bring your favourite things to life. I want to make sure your personality is at the heart of your event. Want something modern, fun and fresh? You’re in the right place! I’m here to encourage curiosity and bring your ideas to life!  


If you are not enjoying yourself, what is the point? Whether it is your wedding, brand event or a dinner party, I’m here to make sure you have the best time and take your worries away. I love a gathering, and will be as excited about your event as you are, that I promise! 

Want to work together?

Whether you’re a brand, individual or couple, I’m all about working together to create an event that truly represents you. It is important for me to understand what your style is and what aspects are most important to you when designing and styling. This is a process where we can bounce back and forth with ideas and really get stuck in. 

I have an informal approach of working with my clients as I want you to feel as comfortable as possible, events are personal to the individual so it is important we connect and you feel at ease when talking to me! I’m all about connecting with you and your guests and making sure you are happy.

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