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5 Event styling tips

Aug 17, 2022 | Tips and tricks

Organising an event or wedding can be a lot of work and pressure. You want your event or wedding day to feel and look special! Check out these 5 event styling tips to help you style your event and give you a head start on one of the most important aspects of an event, the look.

*First things first, be clear on your budget and what you are willing to spend on the aesthetics of your event/day. How much are you willing to budget to make sure your event looks as you want it to! This should not include things like the food or entertainment and should be its own category. The aesthetic budget should include things like a stylist, florist, candles, signage, props. If the look of your event is a top priority, invest in a stylist to set up on the day and make sure things come together as you imagined.

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*Colour palettes are where it all begins. Think about how you want to make your guests feel. When you think of a colour it usually evokes a specific emotion. That is a good starting point for choosing your main colour, choose a colour you love and are drawn to. Once you’ve chosen your main colour, decide if you prefer complimentary colours, colours that contrast or different tones of the same colour and go from there…

*Don’t be afraid to use your personality when putting together your event, this is your event so it should feel like it. Not sure how to do this? Think of things that you really love, is it a certain song, a country you have visited, maybe a book you love or a piece of artwork? Use these things as inspiration! For example, you can use your favourite artwork for an invite-that way your guests can keep the invite for their home instead of throwing it away, double whammy! 

*Choose suppliers that truly align with your vision. Every supplier has their own strengths and style. It’s not to say one is “better” than the other but choose suppliers who can bring the vibe you want to life with ease and whose work you LOVE.  Find suppliers who really shine in what you are after. For example, don’t expect any florist to be a master in a minimal style arrangement if they specialise in traditional foliage heavy style centrepieces or a DJ to play house effortlessly who plays commercial pop most weekends.

*Create focal points throughout the venue. What is a focal point? It’s the spots around the venue that are visually interesting for your guests and styled to create focus of attention. You don’t need them to be over the top or have them everywhere to have impact, they just need to be well thought out and in the right spots. You can create these in different places of the venue as points of interest for your guests. For example, the cake backdrop, on the dancefloor, by the bar, where your cake is set up or with the welcome sign.

A wedding and event stylist, working with modern couples, brands and individuals to enhance the look of their event. I focus on sourcing suppliers who align perfectly with the style of the event and make sure I create those special moments throughout the venue. 

Want to work with a stylist? Handover the stress and save loads of time on research and consultations? Get in touch! 

With love,

Nicola x

About the author…

Hi, I’m Nicola. A wedding and event stylist on a mission to create events that are fresh, modern and a true reflection of my clients. My purpose is to make sure you feel relaxed, confident and excited about your wedding day or event! I focus on all aesthetics to make sure your day looks unreal.

Through this blog and on social media I share tips and tricks for elevating your events, advice from suppliers in the events industry and inspiration.

In my spare time you will either find me at home binge watching Netflix or dancing the night away (terribly). I love trying new food, travelling, listening to music, spending time with family and friends, a good party, a game night and of course, chocolate! I also have a terrible habit of ordering clothes to try them on and sending them all back, anyone else? Haha!