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5 wedding traditions; love it or scrap it?

Aug 4, 2022 | Tips and tricks

Modern weddings do not mean scrapping all traditions. There may be traditions you absolutely love and some you’re not too keen on. Choose the traditions that resonate with your values as a couple and skip the ones that you don’t care for! 5 wedding traditions: Love them or scrap them?


Speeches are traditionally all done by men, from the groom to the best man and the father of the bride. Wondering how this is still a thing? Me too!! Gender doesn’t matter, who is important to you does, so why not think about asking your best woman or your Mum to say a few words? If you’re a bride happy to do a speech, go for it! It’s time to change things up.

Staying apart the night before?

Not for you, or feeling a little overwhelmed about your wedding day? The person who will understand this the most is your partner, so why not spend the night together doing something chilled and enjoying your last night as an ‘unmarried’ couple. Save yourselves the hassle of organising separate places to stay at and wake up excited about your wedding together! 

A big white dress?

You don’t have to wear white and you definitely don’t need to wear a dress. Don’t be afraid to look at other options and go for what you are drawn to and feel most comfortable in. Maybe it’s a jumpsuit or a two piece, maybe it’s a blue dress? 

Don’t want a huge fuss?

Don’t give in to the pressure from family or society. The point of marriage is to celebrate your love and if a big wedding with a sit-down meal isn’t appealing to you and you want something low key, go for it. Intimate weddings and elopements are just as special and really cool! 

Bride or Groom?

Having separate sides at your Ceremony for your friends and family? You’re all a big family now and there’s no need to allocate “sides”. It’s all about mingling with each other’s nearest and dearest and embracing all parts of each other’s lives. Let people sit where they choose.

It’s so important to stay true to yourself and do what feels natural to you as a couple. You don’t want to look back in 20 years and wish you did or didn’t do certain things because you wanted to keep your parents or family members happy. Your day is about you as a couple and if there’s some tradition you’d rather pass, do it! 

I am a big believer in doing what you want when it comes to your wedding day! Looking for a wedding stylist who is down for change and making new traditions, let’s chat!

With love,

Nicola x

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