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Do I need to hire a wedding stylist?

Aug 12, 2022 | Tips and tricks

Huge congratulations on your engagement! 

Wondering where to start? Now it’s time to think about whether you need a stylist, planner or BOTH! Umming and erring about whether you should invest in a wedding stylist. Find out the benefits of having a wedding stylist on board and what they can bring to your day.  

Why would you need a stylist?

  • You are struggling with the creative aspects of your wedding. 
  • You have an idea of what you want your day to look like but have no idea how to pull it together.
  • You have too many ideas and need clarity.
  • You have no clue where to start and feel completely overwhelmed by all the options out there. 
  • You have all the creativity down and suppliers sorted but need someone to set up on the day.

What does a stylist do?

A stylist focuses on the aesthetics of your day. There are two ways of working with a stylist, one way is to hire a stylist from the beginning of your planning to work on everything design related. This includes things such as colour palettes, furniture, textures, stationery, backdrops, crockery, florals, etc. A stylist will work closely with you to create a bespoke design brief focused on all the spaces of your venue, from the ceremony to the tablescape. 

Another option is to hire a stylist to set up on the day, so that you can make sure the vision you have spent months putting together comes to life. This option is great if you have everything sorted but need someone with a creative touch to make sure it comes together.

The benefits of working with a wedding stylist:

*A stylist will spend time getting to know you and put together a design brief that is a reflection of you as a couple. They will talk through your vision and give you clarity on what your style is because your wedding should feel personal to you, have meaning and tell your story. 

* If you have lots of ideas and are struggling to decide what you want or feel overwhelmed by all the choices, a stylist will provide you with the creative direction you need. A stylist will keep you focused on the end vision, so that you don’t waste money on things that you either don’t need or won’t work with the overall look.

*Finding the right suppliers can take hours and hours of research and scrolling. A stylist has a network of suppliers they can recommend to you, saving you hours of research and consultations. A stylist will only recommend suppliers who truly align with your brief so that everything ties together flawlessly! 

*A stylist will set up on the day of your wedding and co-ordinate all of the creative suppliers, so you can sit back and relax. The last thing you want to do the morning of your wedding or the night before is to set up your venue, or have your friends and family running around.

*A stylist will take your wedding to another level visually! They will focus on the look and feel of your day and take care of all the little details.

*A stylist will advise you on the options you have and how to make the most out of your venue and budget. They’re your go to for all things creative and will be there to answer any questions you have. 

*The look of the day is not an accident; it is intentional and well thought out. Whether it’s patterned crockery, the tassel in the stationery, the tone of the candlesticks or the texture of the napkins, a stylist will carefully curate the items needed to bring your concept to life.

*A stylist anticipates what works well together, plans ahead and is confident in what compliments what, as you do not get to actually see everything in motion, until the day. 

*Putting a design brief together is one thing, but making sure the design is executed is another. Of course, there may be slight tweaks on the day when bringing a concept to life, but a stylist will use their creative judgement to decide what looks best so you are not disappointed! For example, the placement of things or what is too much?

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*Working with a stylist from the start means you will have someone on your journey who understands what is most important to you and can help make it happen, as planning a wedding can be full on and very time consuming, whilst juggling life. 

A wedding and event stylist, specialising in creating events that are modern, meaningful and a representation of my clients. If you found the answer you were looking for and have decided you are in need of some creative support with your wedding day, I would love to hear from you! Let’s chat!

With love,

Nicola x

About the author…

Hi, I’m Nicola. A wedding and event stylist on a mission to create events that are fresh, modern and a true reflection of my clients. My purpose is to make sure you feel relaxed, confident and excited about your wedding day or event! I focus on all aesthetics to make sure your day looks unreal.

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